by Hotbox Cantaloup

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released September 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Hotbox Cantaloup Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Here and the Hereafter (A Farewell Dream)
Whispers and lies
Inside recite
You do all wrong, No right
Without alibi
You can go on
But why
When the gist of your life
Is whimpers and tries
(You don't walk)
You run to the light

So I did the deed
And when I awoke
A ray of light spoke
And it said to me

Do want you wanna do
A good time is due
You can be yourself
And nobody else
We all like your song
And we sing along
In chorused harmony
We know what you need
Like a mind so clear
Dead loved ones near
A life review is done
(But just)
For amusement
There's no one to praise
But no one complains
Glad to be alive
And not just die

Makes you feel like you never felt
So warm and real inside
(Your mind will blow)
They could rip the lips off your child like face
but the smile won't

Children of plight
Sing through the night
We did no wrong nor right
But somehow we died
We carry on divine
So wipe the tear from your eye
Cause we realized
It was a matter of time
And chance

On shit he really did it
Blood splatter on the ceiling
Oh dad no
Eye can't accept what I'm seeing
I'm all alone
I don't believe it
No I don't

Cause Maybe if I push the brains back into his head
My poor troubled daddy come back from the dead

How will I remember these things I cannot forget
How do I cherish a man who caused his own death

You stupid fuck
Who would ever give you a gun
You end your troubles
While mine have just begun

They'll say you're in heaven
But I know you too well
They prey on me cause I'm weak
And don't know I want you to burn in hell

I won't be able to talk about it
Cause It will hurt too much
I cling to your dead body now
Cause I already miss your touch

What if there was something that I could have done
Just bring him back lord and I'll swear that you're the son

How can you continue says a new voice inside my head


Bitches in tights
Of fine design
Do what I like all night
With just a wink of my eye
(But The one I love say)
I cannot lie or cry
or explain what this means
It's all in your dying mind
It's your farewell dream

Twitches of light
Flicker and fight
Sucked to the sky
With all of its might
Now I do know
Where we will all go
All that I missed
Into the abyss.
Track Name: Taylor Swift (So Deep)
If I could, I would,
You won’t
Try so hard, So far,
You don’t
You’re so pure, You’re sure,
I’m not
When all you give
Is warm beer and a cold heart

But it’s easy to analyze
And make it seem so deep
When it’s really not

I know, so I’ll pack my shit and go
But oh no, she’s there, at the top of the stairs
Hand on hip, finger on her lip
Brush through the hair, a starving stripper stare
I feel my fists turn back into hands
I feel my self rise for her again

You make me get so deep
You Make Me Get So Deep
you make me feel so weak

Ahhhhh It’s Love